Patrick Nan Shin - Giving Back to Hawaii's Communities

Patrick Nan Shin - Giving Back to Hawaii's Communities

Being locally established, owned, and operated, the roots of Nan, Inc. are firmly planted in the culture of Hawaii.

  • Amazing Growth for Nan, Inc. and Patrick Shin

    Nan, Inc. has attained monumental growth in Hawaii’s building industry. Based on statistics posted by the Building Industry Hawaii Magazine, July 2014, Nan, Inc. has risen quickly as a building industry leader. As a young company of only 26 years, Nan, Inc. has managed to rise to number two in state contractors based on revenue. In 2013, Nan…read more.
  • Kapiolani Medical Center Accepted a $1 Million Gift from Nan, Inc.

    Kapiolani Medical Center accepted a $1 million gift from Nan, Inc. to improve and expand its facilities. Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children’s CEO, Martha Smith said, “Nan, Inc. is a generous advocate for many programs in our community, and we are very grateful that they have chosen to support Kapi‘olani. Their gift will help…read more.
  • Nan Inc., builds North Kona Facility in Waimea, Hawaii Island

    Nan, Inc. has build sites throughout the Hawaiian islands. While Nan, Inc. is known for it’s large military projects and commercial construction on the state of Hawaii’s “Gathering Place.” Nan, Inc’s growth and expanse is not limited to Oahu. Most recently, Nan Inc. has built 3 basketball / volleyball courts, two storage rooms, a conce…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. Foundation Donates to Hawaii Rush Soccer Club

    Soccer is a big deal in Hawaii especially club soccer. Many children and parents dream of making it big and landing an athletic college scholarship. While school teams are only done during the soccer season, club teams allow student athletes to participate year round. This is an important opportunity for young athletes who want to refine and hon…read more.
  • Nan, Inc., A Leader in Charitable Giving

    Patrick Shin, owner of Nan, Inc. is no stranger to charitable giving. In the past, Nan, Inc. has donated large gifts to the Hawaii Foodbank, American Cancer Society, St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii, Iolani, Hawaii Pacific University, Kapiolani Medical Center, just to a name a few. But perhaps what is less known is that Patrick Shin …read more.
  • Patrick Shin And His Charities Towards Local Students And Hospitals!

    The Nan Inc Owner, Patrick Shin has always lived with the belief of serving the community. He makes every effort to share his part of success with the disadvantaged. Be it schools, community centers, parks to hospitals, he’s always on the forefront to make donations for the betterment of the society. Having gone through the tough times…read more.