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Nan, Inc. Foundation Donates to Hawaii Rush Soccer Club

Soccer is a big deal in Hawaii especially club soccer. Many children and parents dream of making it big and landing an athletic college scholarship. While school teams are only done during the soccer season, club teams allow student athletes to participate year round. This is an important opportunity for young athletes who want to refine and hone their abilities at an elite level.

Hawaii Rush Soccer Club provides opportunities for Hawaii soccer players to experience soccer in the best way possible. Rush Soccer is a soccer club in Hawaii seeking to make soccer a “pleasant, safe, and rewards experience for everyone involved, regardless of age or ability.” From their mission statement, Rush Soccer Club believes, “all players are winners because everyone is afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and pursue positive outcomes on and off the field. Through quality coaching, sound leadership, and absolute sincerity, [Rush Soccer] will work to be the best club in the state, nation, and world.”

Nan Chul Shin believes, founder of Nan, Inc., one of the largest contracting businesses in Hawaii, providing opportunities to play soccer while in college is an important one. Shin was offered a soccer scholarship to Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and there he realized the importance of the scholar-athlete.

Hoping to provide similar opportunities for Hawaii residents, Shin donated to Hawaii Rush Soccer Club to allow athletes like Serena Rodriguez, who lives with her brother and her uncle, Philip, and his wife. Rodriguez is 14, soft-spoken, and a fearless goalkeeper. Rodriguez is a dedicated student as well as a full time soccer athlete who trains during the week, plays during the weekends, and also holds down a job. Unfortunately, her busy schedule caused her to miss the financial aid deadline this year.

Rodriguez’s inspiring story was shared by all and soon fell on the ears of Mr. Shin. After hearing about Rodriguez's situation, Mr. Shin made it possible through his foundation, Nan, Inc. Foundation to attend Hawaii Rush Soccer Club this year. The Nan, Inc. Foundation not only contributed a fund to help Serena, but also pledged to help kids in similar situations with similar needs.