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Patrick Shin And His Charities Towards Local Students And Hospitals!

The Nan Inc Owner, Patrick Shin has always lived with the belief of serving the community. He makes every effort to share his part of success with the disadvantaged. Be it schools, community centers, parks to hospitals, he’s always on the forefront to make donations for the betterment of the society. Having gone through the tough times himself, he knows what it feels to live life without the basic facilities. His childhood was really tough and that is why he doesn’t want others to suffer in the same way and therefore leaves no opportunity to help the underprivileged people. Patrick Nan Shin makes sure to donate a sufficient portion of his earnings towards improving the society.

As hospitals are the most important places to be equipped with all the latest amenities so Patrick Nan Shin donated $1 million to Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu for its expansion. The Nan Inc Owner gave a donation for the construction of a new 1600-square-foot auditorium, featuring a 7-by-12-foot video wall display in the hospital’s new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Building, which will be used for hosting meetings and educational gatherings for Hawaii’s future physicians and other health care providers. Considering the generosity and goodness of Patrick Nan Shin, this auditorium will be given the name after Nan Inc and will be known as the Nan Inc. Auditorium.

Apart from those meetings and educational gatherings, the auditorium will also support patient care services and programs like Child Life Program. All in all, this donation by the Nan Inc Owner will help hospital authorities to provide high-quality health care to women and children of Hawaii.

Another $1 million donation was made to St. Francis Healthcare System, which had a special place in Patrick Nan Shin’s life. This was the very spot which gave compassionate care to his ailing mother and being grateful for their services, Patrick Shin donated this amount. This money will be used to support 119-bed Clarence T.C Ching Skilled Nursing Facility. ┬áIn this way, St. Francis will make a big difference in people’s life.

Besides helping out the various medical facilities in the region, Patrick Shin gives his support to schools as well. He’s been supporting many elite private institutions with his scholarship programs and thus helping the local students in studying well. For students, who are unable to attend these private schools, Patrick Nan Shin gives these children an opportunity to be around students from different backgrounds and make them learn and grow with their mindset along with providing them a lot of cultural opportunities. Patrick Shin’s partnership programs with high-profile schools are helping the underprivileged students with their career training and college.
Being from a poor family himself, the Nan Inc Owner knows the importance of a good education and therefore makes sure to arrange it for every student by means of different programs and scholarships.

This is how he’s contributing towards changing Hawaii and making it a better place for everyone.